Meet The Team

BRSG principals are experienced business people and software craftsmen who  passionately work to help business turn ideas to competitive advantage and business success

Dave Muirhead


Dave Muirhead has been crafting enterprise applications professionally for 25 years. As a hands-on software developer, architect, mentor and consultant, he has delivered enterprise-class distributed systems in a wide variety of business domains including healthcare, freight railroad, shipping container depot, enterprise software, hospitality, telecommunications, mortgage and commercial banking and salesforce automation.


Since his Smalltalk programming days in the early 90’s and shift to Java development in the mid-90’s, Dave has pursued software development with an emphasis on domain-driven design, event-driven and message-passing systems, and a business-focused, lean software development approach. He has extensive experience with in-memory data and compute grids, event-driven and message-passing systems, distributed computing, object persistence, software product development and management, and lean/agile coaching.


Dave is focused on helping businesses learn to design, develop and deliver message- and event-driven Reactive enterprise applications which vastly improve cloud computing resource utilization, application responsiveness, system resilience and elasticity.


Dave is a regular contributor and committer to the open source (OSS) vlingo/platform (, a set of DDD-friendly distributed computing tools that simplify concurrent, reactive, event-driven, and microservices architectures.


In addition to his tech pursuits, Dave invests a great deal of time, energy and passion towards opening Beautiful Gate Center, a learning center that will serve children and youth who are significantly impacted by developmental disabilities in the Charleston, SC and Lowcountry region.