Drawn from decades of experience honing our craft, these categories represent a deep well of experience that is critical and relevant for today’s enterprise as it faces the rigors, demands and challenges of the cloud era

ComputeDB / SnappyData

The Apache Spark Database

Tibco ComputeDB (SnappyData OSS) is a high performance in-memory data management platform for mixed workload applications, built on Apache Spark, that provides a unified programming model for streaming, transactions, machine learning and SQL Analytics in a single cluster.

Apache Geode

Distributed In-Memory Database

Apache Geode is a distributed, in-memory database with strong data consistency, built to support transactional applications with low latency and high concurrency needs, including parallel in-grid computation.


Reactive Multi-Core With DDD

The vlingo/platform is a set of open source (OSS) computing tools that simplify distributed, concurrent, reactive, event-driven, and micro-services architectures, and which facilitate the contemporary ways that Domain-Driven Design model fluency is expressed.

Distributed Data Management

Eventual Consistency Harnessed

Data made for the cloud, by the cloud, designed and scaled for its own Bounded Context providing for business agility by better reflecting business operations.  Shaped by microservices for tailored business fit, normalized and performant for optimal scale and effective use of enterprise resource.

Reactive Development

The Art of Cloud Performance

As contributors and partners, this Reactive Java OSS library represents our type safe view of parallel programming of enterprise software shaped to fit the business.

Domain-Driven Design

Enterprise Pattern Language

A storyboard that represents a live script for conversation, coordination, refinement, and adjustment whether the subject is planning and budgeting or development and deployment resulting in microservices refined for the business.

Lean Management

Proactive Organization for Reactive Architecture

Identification and prioritization of work according to business need, current bottlenecks, economic value, and resource constraints.  Shared global objective enabling effective delegation and delivery of value on behalf of the business.

Semantic Web

Weaving the Enterprise Web

Delivering on Berners-Lee’s read-write web vision by way of Linked Data and Reactive DDD, providing for consumer-scale enterprise apps.

Legacy Modernization

Transforming the Tail with Great Care

Cracking open legacy portfolio systems for greater business value without anesthesia or pain, providing for Reactive DDD user exits that transforms questions into answers.