Ideas That Scale

BRSG helps businesses achieve ideas that scale through business & technology strategy consulting, custom software development, and delivery leadership & enablement

We’ve Served Some of Industry’s Most Admired Companies

What We Do

Business & Technology Strategy

Business value driven. Technology fueled. Imagine what’s possible and then let us help you make it reality.

  • Business model transformation
  • Technology initiative rollout & communication
  • Enterprise & solution architecture
  • Event-driven business & technology transformation
  • Lean/Agile transformation

Custom Software Development

Business is intrinsically event-driven and asynchronous. So why is most software built with command-and-control style, synchronous architectures and technology that fails to cost-effectively leverage today’s multi-core processors and cloud platforms?

We can help you design and implement modern Reactive and Event-Driven applications that embrace and capitalize on the intrinsic nature of your business – and that cost-effectively leverage multi-core processors and drive your cloud computing costs down.

We also have a long and successful history of delivering applications on more traditional architectures for businesses of all sizes, so if that’s your need we can be the experienced partner you need to get to production fast and with quality.

  • Architecture reviews & consulting
  • Domain driven design (DDD)
  • Event modeling and design support
  • Data and compute grids
  • Reactive, event-driven microservices and applications
  • Streaming and static analytics
Elixir Language

Elixir/BEAM Platform

Java Platform

Java/JVM Platform

Delivery Leadership & Enablement

Get traction. Adopt important technologies. Move faster. Your team will be there in no time with our design and development leadership & enablement services.

  • POC, Pilot and Spike Development
  • Project Bootstrapping
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Continuous Integration
  • Lean/Agile Coaching

What Our Clients Say

Expertise We Have

This is a sampling of some of main the technologies in which we have significant expertise. We typically have commensurate expertise in related technologies that may not be listed. And we learn new tech quickly!

Erlang/OTP Platform
Erlang/OTP Platform

Erlang/OTP Platform

Elixir Language

Elixir Language

Phoenix Framework

Phoenix Framework



Java Platform

Java EE Platform & APIs

Java Platform

Java Language

Pivotal GemFire (Geode)

Pivotal GemFire / Geode

Tibco ComputeDB (SnappyData)

Tibco ComputeDB / SnappyData

vlingo Platform


Apache Spark

Apache Spark / Spark SQL

Spring Framework

Scala Language

Scala Language

Semantic Web Platform

Semantic Web

Linked Data & Knowledge Graphs

Resource Description Framework

Reasoning & Inferencing

UI Frameworks

JSP & Servlet

JavaFX Framework

VueJS Javascript Framework

Javascript Language