BRSG specializes in technologies that enable exemplary Reactive, microservices-based applications in the cloud with efficient use of computing resources, resiliency and performance


Reactive Multi-Core With DDD

The vlingo/platform is a set of open source (OSS) computing tools that simplify distributed, concurrent, reactive, event-driven, and micro-services architectures, and which facilitate the contemporary ways that Domain-Driven Design model fluency is expressed.


The Apache Spark Database

SnappyData is a high performance in-memory data platform for mixed workload applications, built on Apache Spark, that provides a unified programming model for streaming, transactions, machine learning and SQL Analytics in a single cluster.

Apache Geode

Distributed In-Memory Database

Apache Geode is a distributed, in-memory database with strong data consistency, built to support transactional applications with low latency and high concurrency needs, including parallel in-grid computation.