Architectural Simplification

It should not be controversial to observe that every new or additional technology added to a portfolio represents needed licensing, training, senior expertise, supporting infrastructure and process as it relates to CI/CD and related build pipeline and production considerations.  Integration of disparate or heterogeneous tools, techniques, and technologies can compound this effect.


One way to look at this is from the perspective of architectural simplification, a value that we have long held.


For over 20 years we considered the Java ecosystem to be the best way to effectively accomplish the most while having to know the least.  In spite of the corresponding personal and corporate investment, we have come to appreciate the BEAM ecosystem to an even greater degree from both a business and technological perspective.


While our own reasons for favoring BEAM will emerge in subsequent posts, we leave you with a talk by Saša Jurić that offers as good of an overview as we can imagine.  For a terrific example of architectural simplification, pay special attention around minute 36 where Saša lists technologies supplanted by the BEAM ecosystem for just one realtime messaging platform.



In an effort to focus on The Business rather than technology, BRSG advocates for architectural simplification that leaves no gaps while performing the same work with much less human, infrastructure, and financial resource.  Please reach out if we can be of service:, or call call 303.309.6240.


Alan Strait